Welcome to The Good Life Chiropractic, patient testimonials page. Here we feature real patient experiences working with Dr. Sue Mullen. Some patients have come to us for a specific issue like pain or injury, but all share about how Dr. Sue has helped them in a wide variety of unexpected ways.

"I would trust Dr. Sue to help heal any of my friends or family."

"Dr. Sue has the best hands and the best heart."

"Dr. Sue and her whole office is fabulous. I wish I could see her for everything in my whole life."

Cold Laser Therapy: Meet Josh, he is a 22 year old neck and back pain sufferer who had a broken bone from a high school football game. He has had pain and challenges for over 5 years, and now getting the treatment he needs with Cold-Laser Therapy and chiropractic treatments. Learn more about his journey to wellness in this video.

Chiropractic Care for Athletes + Sports Models: Meet Taylor our lovely athletic sports model patient who receives weekly chiropractic care so that she can literally run around the world!

Chiropractic Care for Runners + Knee Pain: Meet our lovely patient Helen, visiting The Good Life from Alabama, as she is a traveling nurse who worked locally in Berkeley. She was having bad knee pain from running, and also dealing with stress from her challenging nursing job. Hear her story of how she is now pain-free and feels more relaxed!

Chiropractic Care for Families I: Meet Tristan (age 12) and his mother Tabitha (a mother of 5 kids), learn how they went from being total chiropractic skeptics to enthusiastic wellness converts, loving how they now feel under the care of The Good Life Chiropractic and Dr. Sue Mullen, DC.

Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain: Meet Brian as he shares his experience seeking treatment for a head and neck injury from 2012. Brian has been receiving regular treatments at The Good Life Chiropractic with Dr. Sue along with x-rays and trigger point therapy. He is just 22 years old, active with tai-chi and lives in Oakland. He has increased energy and a solid path towards healing now with Dr. Sue and The Good Life!

Chiropractic Care for Families II: Meet Liz, Bill and their lovely daughter Shannon. They came to see Dr. Sue years ago to help Shannon, as she has autism. Immediately Shannon felt a comfort with Dr. Sue and they all experienced positive results with chiropractic care in Berkeley. Shannon's nervous and digestive systems are balanced now, and she has strong immune strength, as most kids with autism have issues with these areas in their lives!



5-stars-blue"I was not a believer when I came in here. I was one of those who only turns to chiropractic when I'm in unbearable pain. That's why I came. But I'm becoming a believer. We made a plan to make my life better with Dr. Sue. I'm going to keep coming back to this review to update. But so far, it's amazing. I now have had two of my sons treated here, my 6 and 12 year olds. Both had great experiences with Dr. Sue. I highly recommend her for children and will have my children come here first when they need care. I joke that I am becoming one of those people who raves about chiropractic care. It's true! I would trust Dr. Sue to help heal any of my friends or family."

- Tabitha O. in Alameda, CA from Yelp

5-stars-blue"I highly recommend Dr. Mullen as an excellent Chiropractor. She's very precise in her work and puts a program/routine together specifically for you. When you need lots of care, she's there--when you need maintenance she cares!"

- Jeannie G. in Alameda, CA from Yelp

5-stars-blue"I found GLC as my former place, The Joint across the world, was closed one morning... Luckily, Dr. Sue Mullen was open early in the day 8:30am. Sue has worked on me now for almost 12 months and I have thankfully gotten rid of chronic back shoulder issue. I also had pain plantar fasciitis which is now gone. My shoulder pain I have had for years maybe 4 and now gone! We did on the spot X-rays which was easy and affordable option. Good to see some of the issues are only 38 now. There is only one group open area, not closed rooms, except massage and office. Erica in reception is really helpful with scheduling appts. Dr. Sue is great and really understands that healing is slow and nurturing. She has even see my 4 yr old after a slight car accident. Glad I found GLC nearby!"

- Jared B. in Berkeley, CA on Yelp

5-stars-blue"I love singing the praises of the terrific places in Berkeley. If I do write a poor review, it's usually because the restaurant or business was not friendly to people with disabilities, and I ended up in a lot of pain. I have severe mobility problems, and I haven't received much help from the mainstream medical establishment. I've also tried alternative therapies such as acupuncture and osteopathy. Nothing worked. When Dr. Sue offered to try chiropractic treatment, I doubted it would make any difference. Wow was I ever wrong! I felt the changes in my upper back almost immediately. My posture and energy level improved. The pain in my lower back has taken longer, but after a couple months of treatment the pain is no longer sharp, and I think it will eventually be totally alleviated. As my back has improved, my legs also began to feel lighter, and it became easier to walk. Don't let anyone tell you chiropractic treatment is some sort of placebo effect. It really changes the mechanics of your spine, and - unlike the "wait and see" do-nothingness of establishment "managed care" - it actually works to relieve pain and improve your overall health. Last year I was applying for permanent disability and struggling just to get through every day. Today I have hope, and I'm trying to get back in the swim of regular life. Thank you, Dr. Sue!"

- Nella C. from Berekely, CA on Yelp

5-stars-blue"Dr. Sue is great. I have been receiving chiropractic care for years due to various car accidents I've been in and some chronic pain. When I came to see Dr. Sue I had taken a break from chiropractic after moving and refusing to get a new chiropractor. One of those "maybe it'll just go away" spurts I have from time to time. Well, I certainly learned my lesson as within about 7 months of the accident, as I started getting pain so bad that my vision was turning black and my whole leg would be in so much pain I couldn't stand. Dr. Sue rehabilitated me from this injury and has continued to do so. She is caring and has the skill that restored my body back so I never have to worry about that horrible pain again. Crossing my fingers at least ;)"

- Analisa S. in Oakland, CA from Yelp

5-stars-blue"After my major accident 26 years ago; I've been walking on Earth in chronic pain, with major back pain, both legs in pain, neck pain, both shoulders and headaches. Well, about 12 years ago, I was introduced to chiropractic treatment. Wow! what a change, but it took some time to find the right chiropractor doctor who listens to my chronic pain. I've been seeing Dr. Sue Mullen, Chiropractor for over 5 years and I can highly recommend her magnificent high positive energy that she puts into her chiropractic treatments and professionalism.
But, not only did I find chronic pain relief, but her staff and her have many healthy resources to lead you into a good healthy and high positive spiritual life to follow a "good life.""

- Socrates V. San Leandro, from Yelp

5-stars-blue"This is the first Yelp review I have ever written. I am a fan of chiropractic care as my 70 year old body responds well to this non invasive form of healing. "Doc Sue" Mullen is a real master of her craft. For several years now I choose to go to her first with the many aches and pains that arrive as I get older, and I decided I should spread the word. Dr. Mullen listens deeply to what I have to say and involves me as a partner in my treatment. She is a highly competent and caring doctor and her treatments have resolved several of my most vexing ills. I go to her office and I feel better. it's a wonderful thing."

- Jahanara B. in Berkeley, CA from Yelp

Read past reviews from Community Chiropractic, Dr. Sue's former practice.

5-stars-blue"When I began treatment with Dr. Sue I was working very hard and doing a lot of heavy lifting, I don't know how I would have gotten along without my adjustments! At that time I was also suffering from menopausal symptoms, the symptoms subsided within the first few treatments. The office is warm and friendly and so is the staff. I truly had more energy and in general a sense of well being. I'll never forget one time my little Schnauzer Taylor dog was in extreme pain from a disc in his back, I use to take him to work with me and was on my way to Dr. Sue's office with Taylor in tow. My little dog was in pain and Dr. Sue adjusted him, I kid you not he jumped up and started running around the office like we had never just spent 100.00 at the vet only to be told he is getting old! Seeing a chiropractor should be considered a regular part of a good health regimen, like exercise and eating right. And you can get no better chiropractic care than Dr. Sue Mullen. (I stole this from Elizabeth C's post because I couldn't say it better myself)!"

- Renee B. in Oakland, CA from Yelp

5-stars-blue"Dr. Sue Mullen and the entire staff at Community Chiropractic provide excellent service beyond my previous expectations. I was suffering from lower back pain and had tried several different methods to relieve my discomfort. Within a few visits the problem completely cleared and I'm happy to report that I've been pain free ever since. I especially appreciate the time and effort that was taken to fully educate me of the issues causing my problem and the necessary steps needed to heal completely. I highly recommend Community Chiropractic to anyone who seeks a friendly, professional and caring center where your holistic health is treated with TLC."

- Richard B. from Emeryville, CA on Yelp

5-stars-blue"My husband and I have been Wellness patients of Community Chiropractic for ten years now. We initially came in for numbness of fingers and range of motion issues brought on by construction work and a lifetime of bumps and bruises. Dr. Sue Mullen helped correct a reverse curve in my upper spine and increase mobility for both of us. She has seen us through two pregnancies and subsequent home births. Our children, from the experience and exposure of Chiropractic, are intuitively aware of when their bodies need adjusting. It is clear that this practice cares deeply about healing. Thank you Doc Sue and all at Community Chiropractic!"

- Pamela K. from Oakland, CA on Yelp

5-stars-blue"I have been going to a chiropractor for most of my adult life. Some are good, some are better, and some stand above all others. Dr. Mullen stands out as one of the best chiropractors I have ever seen. Her office is warm, inviting and relaxing. Her office staff is very helpful and genuinely kind. I appreciate the time that Dr. Mullen takes to meet with me, go over x-rays, explain my situation and her treatment plan. As stated, I have been treated by others over the years, and I am impressed with Dr. Mullen's ability to maintain my trust and work with me to give the very best adjustments. Her focus is 100% on the patient and her genuine interest in healing offers patients the relief they are seeking. Her hands are sure and reflect the years she has put into building her exceptional practice. I have referred several people to Dr. Mullen and have only heard positive feedback from them as well. I rarely Yelp, but gladly do so that others may find the same relief I have in Dr. Mullen's office."

- M. W. from Oregon on Yelp

5-stars-blue"Dr. Sue and her whole office is fabulous. I wish I could go see her for everything in my whole life."

- S. D. from Oakland, CA on Yelp

5-stars-blue"I have been going to Community Chiropractic for over 5 years. I have received and continue to receive consistent improvement in my posture and overall health. I am a 60 year old contractor and Doctor Sue Mullen and her team do an incredible job of keeping me fit and able to work. My weekly trip to her office is something I always look forward to and without her help I would probably not be working today. Thank you Dr. Sue and Dr. Tran for the compassionate and consistent care you give me. If you have health concerns that would benefit from Chiropractic treatment I highly recommend making an appointment to see Dr. Sue at Community Chiropractic."

- Stephen C. from Oakland, CA on Yelp

5-stars-blue"Within minutes of my first visit to Community Chiropractic I knew that I was in good hands. Doc Sue has such a wonderful approach and disposition that is made clear by how joyful her clients are when they arrive for an adjustment. Traditional chiropractic had always been something I personally feared due to my body's innate protection of several injuries that I had experienced by way of vehicular accidents, repetitive stress and the deep nauseating feeling of somebody torquing my body forcefully. Her clear description of what she was doing and how my body would respond helped quell my desire to tighten up a bit and she was able to maneuver my vertebrae easily leaving me feeling instantly blissful. All the while her state of gratitude was ever-present as I would hear her warmly whisper "thank you" after each adjustment. At first I thought she was thanking me for allowing her just enough relaxation to do her work. Then I thought perhaps she was thanking a greater source for the ability to do this beautiful work. I peacefully settled on her being thankful for everything simultaneously. It's just the way she is. Thank YOU Doc Sue!!"

- Raul C. from Alameda, CA on Yelp

5-stars-blue"I usually do not take advantage of folks who offer a free consultation at Lake Merritt but there was something grounded, professional and appealing in Dr. Tran's demeanor that made me change my usual behavior. And almost two years later, I am so glad I did. Dr. Tran and Dr. Sue at Community Chiropractic are so committed to health, well-being, community education and learning that it is a joy to be in their care. I have been under chiropractic care for on and off for more than twenty years --- at first for overall health, then in response to various car accidents. I have always understood the importance of QUALITY chiropractic care with a doctor who truly understands HEALING. Both Dr. Tran and Dr. Sue embody practitioners who are deeply committed to their patients being healthy and staying healthy. They encourage their patients to take control of their physical bodies and promote a holistic orientation to physical, mental and emotional health. There is a true sense of community, hence the name at this office. You feel well cared for and gain a sense that there is a professional who is thinking about your health. I have recommended numerous friends and colleagues to Community Chiropractic because I have such a positive and life affirming experience."

- Diane J. from Oakland, CA on Yelp

5-stars-blue"Go see Doc Sue. I am a polio survivor and she is keeping me aligned and healthy. Her office answers the phone "We can Help"...that about says it. Doc Sue is cheerful, dedicated to your health, always looking for more training and offers that back to her clientele. She is thorough and whole in her approach to getting you back on track and keeping you that way. Thank you Doc Sue."

- Robert G. from Vallejo, CA on Yelp

5-stars-blue"My husband and I live just a few doors from Dr. Mullen's office, so we decided to check it out one day. We were very impressed with the care and understanding with which Dr. Mullen conducts her initial consultation. We both were suffering from sciatica, and I in particular was suffering from a severe inflammatory condition that my primary care physician was trying to diagnose, without much success. Dr. Mullen reviewed our individual x-rays in great detail and explained to us how chiropractic care could improve these conditions with a plan of regular visits. She was able to work with us to find a treatment plan that worked with our schedules, and our budget. Once in treatment, we both quickly began to feel positive benefits from our visits and within a few months, my own inflammatory condition had improved greatly and our sciatic pain was well under control! We look forward to our visits with Dr. Mullen, and also really enjoy our interactions with Anna, her office manager, and Dr. Tran, her associate. We are impressed that they offer regular educational seminars free of charge on topics ranging from managing stress, to learning about the energy centers of the body, to detoxifying the body. We have learned alot! Dr. Mullen and Dr. Tran have such a wealth of good information to share! Dr. Mullen is a very talented and compassionate chiropractor and healer. She possesses a wonderful mix of knowledge, experience and intuition which has made our experience a very positive one. Now, 2 years later, we still look forward to our appointments. She has helped us both regain our health and we are very grateful!"

- Rosie V. from Oakland, CA on Yelp

5-stars-blue"Seeing a chiropractor should be considered a regular part of a good health regimen, like exercise and eating right. And you can get no better chiropractic care than Dr. Sue Mullen. I am a confirmed chiropractic patient and proponent. I've known a number of amazing chiropractors over the last 30 years. Among the most amazing is Dr. Sue Mullen. I initially came to her seeking help for my newly diagnosed autistic daughter. That was the most important and effective treatment decisions we ever made in addressing her lifelong battle with this disorder. Unlike many autistic people, my daughter has NO touch-sensory issues because of Dr. Sue's gentle, healing touch and adjustments. In fact the first hug my daughter ever initiated was given to Dr. Sue in response to an adjustment. Dr. Sue is also responsible for her complete recovery from pica. Dr. Sue was the ONLY doctor who said to us that my daughter's condition was treatable. She told us that we, her parents, could be powerful in healing and helping her. She did hours of research and networking with her fellow practitioners to develop a treatment plan. As my chiropractor, Dr. Sue has relieved my IBS, my low back tension, my vertigo and much of my general stress. I am happy to bring my two young daughters and myself to Dr. Sue for care."

- Elizabeth C. from Castro Valley, CA on Yelp

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“Within minutes of my first visit to The Good Life Chiropractic I knew that I was in good hands. Doc Sue has such a wonderful approach and disposition that is made clear by how joyful her clients are when they arrive for an adjustment.”

- Raul

“Dr. Mullen stands out as one of the best chiropractors I have ever seen. Her office is warm, inviting and relaxing. Her office staff is very helpful and genuinely kind.”

- M.W.

“I highly recommend The Good Life Chiropractic to anyone who seeks a friendly, professional and caring center where your holistic health is treated with TLC.”

- Rico

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