Health & Wellness Strategy Consultations By Dr. Sue Mullen, DC

Chiropractor Berkeley CA Sue MullenGet Help Planning your Health and Wellness Strategy!

Are you juggling a limited budget while trying to meet your health and wellness needs? Focusing on a holistic approach?

Dr. Sue Mullen can help you develop a strategy so you can take control of your health.

Get 20% off your first phone or Skype Health & Wellness Consultation. (Regular price $60 per each 15 minutes.) Book today!

As a Health & Wellness Strategist, Dr. Mullen will consult with you in the comfort of your home-anywhere in the world!

Design a plan to manage your health and achieve wellness.

  • What are your needs?
  • What benefits do you wish to achieve?
  • If you have no insurance (or poor coverage) and do not want to medicate your problems, what are you going to do?

Dr. Mullen will consult with you from 15 to 60 minutes on the phone or via Skype to formulate action steps and mobilize resources specifically for you to meet your goals.

The cost runs from $60 (for 15 minutes) to $160 (for one hour).

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