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At The Good Life Chiropractic in Berkeley CA, we are proud to offer you, your family, friends and colleagues a variety of services to match a diverse set of health issues.

Pregnant Women in Berkeley CA

More and more women are discovering the many benefits associated with chiropractic care during pregnancy. The most common complaint for which women seek chiropractic care in pregnancy is low back pain. As more women utilize chiropractic care they are noticing additional benefits of chiropractic care in pregnancy such as easier, safer deliveries for the mother and baby.

Babies, Toddlers + Children

We recommend all children be checked regularly for nerve interference, even without any symptoms present. Parents who are aware of the importance of a properly functioning nervous system automatically want their children checked by a Doctor of Chiropractic. It is safe and effective. Bring your child in today for an evaluation.

Older People

Currently medical doctors prescribe an average of 15 prescriptions per patient 60 years and older. The World Health Organization studied adverse reactions to drugs revealing 88% of all elders had at least one problem with the prescription drugs taken. Chiropractic is the only science that exactly locates the cause of the “dis-ease”, then adjusts it. Why put our elders in possible danger any longer?

People with Disabilities

Our clinic is friendly and accommodating to people with disabilities. We treat individuals who have suffered with head and brain trauma as well as those living with temporary or permanent disabilities due to accidents or diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Autistic Adults + Children on the Autism Spectrum

Current theory on Autism believes that it is unreasonable to assume a “cure” will take place for this condition at this time, but rather acknowledges there are therapeutic interventions that will aid and raise the patient’s thresholds to cope and function. We have helped children with Autism with astonishing and surprising results. Contact us to learn more.

People with Arthritis

We specialize in treating all types of arthritis. We have learned that with proper nutritional counseling, stretching and adjustments that address joint function, patients find their arthritic symptoms can be dramatically reduced and potentially eliminated with chiropractic care.

Illness + Disease

The word disease is a combination of “dis and ease”. Dis means “apart from” and ease means a “state of balance”. It follows then that dis-ease is a lack of comfort, a loss of harmony in the system. Just like when a musician adjusts the notes to complement one another, re-creating harmony so the notes work together well, a chiropractic adjustment to correct or reduce nerve interference can restore harmony to your entire body.

Sports / Past Injuries + Traumas

Dr. Mullen’s post doctorate certifications are in Spinal Trauma and Extremity Care. According to a Yale Study, the threshold of injury to the spine from a motor vehicle accident is 2.5 mph. Most any type of accident or injury can be addressed and functioning restored with chiropractic care.

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